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Order Custom Mattress Online in Hyderabad

custom mattress
custom shape mattress

Why Buy a Custom Mattress?

A quality sleep has become an important aspect of our daily lives. A qualitative sleep can make your day as you wake up refreshed & recharged.

All our sleeping patterns are unique and requires custom measures to address them. At SAFIRA Mattress we provide a 100% custom mattress that is made by you and for you.

Scroll down to read about benefits of a fully tailored mattress and how our unique process works.

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Benefits of Buying a Custom Mattress

There are multitude of benefits of getting your mattress made by choosing individual Layers. Some of which are...

custom shapes

Custom Shapes 

Freedom to select personalized designs, cut outs and odd shapes that best fits your antique furniture.

custom size mattress

Custom Sizes

The freedom to order any custom sizes, odd sizes. With the added freedom to select each layer, you can truly get a mattress made just for you.

PU foam layers

Choose Indiviual Layer

Freedom to select each individual layer which helps target your personal needs.

Experience the sample of your configuration live in front of you before you decide.

home delivery

Free Home Delivery*

Free home delivery across Hyderabad

hand made mattress

100% Hand Made

All our custom mattress are 100% built by hands of our very talented craftsmen.

12 years warranty

Upto 12 Years Warranty*

All our premium mattresses comes as standadrd with a 12 year waranty.

White Bedroom Concept

Buy a truly custom mattress online in Hyderabad

We at SAFIRA Mattresses offer a 100% custom mattress online in Hyderabad. With our flagship service of “build your own mattress” you too can build a truly custom mattress that is only made for you and you alone. You too can order custom mattress online in Hyderabad!

Our Process of a truly custom mattress online has three stages

  • Booking an appointment: - An appointment is required as our representative will arrive at your house to take correct measurements of your bed and give you a little demo on all the different materials we have to offer. Based on your needs they may also suggest the perfect material to build a 100% custom mattress.

  • Confirmation of the order: - After you have seen the demo and tried little samples of our materials and are happy with the build, you can place the order. 

  • Building the mattress & Shipping: - After getting your approval and a confirmed order, we hand-build the mattress for you and ship it right to your doorstep.

  • Enjoy your custom size memory foam mattress, or latex or coir. The choice is all yours.

Freedom to select individual layer of the mattress materials

With our unique service, we provide our customers with the freedom to choose the individual layers of their future mattresses. This helps them target their specific needs and they pay only for what they need. This feature both economically and ergonomically makes sense as the customer gets exactly what they need and pays precisely for that. This means no longer paying for unnecessary layers that customers don't actually need or sometimes those unnecessary layers become a hindrance in the future. That is the reason why we are known for selling the best-customized mattress online in Hyderabad. Perhaps a custom memory foam mattress will be perfect for you. 

Freedom to select unique mattress shapes and sizes

We don’t just give you the freedom to customise the layers of your mattress we also give you the freedom to choose any size and shape of the mattress. If you need a mattress with a rounded corner, angled corner of a 90-degree cut in the corner to fit onto your antique furniture, we have got you covered. Our custom memory foam mattress service is flexible and makes use of the same material that goes into making our other premium mattresses.

It's only sensible and practical to order custom mattresses online in Hyderabad for the sake of convenience and getting a much superior product compared to what the current market has to offer.

The end result? Handcrafted tailor made mattress built just for you

So, you must be wondering, what this all ultimately boils down to. Right? Well, to summarise everything, when you buy a customized mattress online in Hyderabad you get a premium, handcrafted mattress that is uniquely made focusing on your immediate needs. A mattress that is made only for you and not anybody else.

So, What is keeping you from ordering a custom mattress online in Hyderabad? Go ahead and place an appointment to begin building your own perfect mattress for that perfect good night’s sleep. 

The appointment is necessary as it ensures our craftsman gets proper measurements of your custom mattress needs and takes the risk of wrong measurements off your shoulders. Your next custom size memory foam mattress is in great hands.

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