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FAQs for Memory foam, Latex and Custom Mattress Online

  • What is a Customised Mattress?
    A customised mattress is a mattress that is made according to your choice and needs. We help design a mattress that is best suited to cater to your needs and is most of the time unique to you.
  • How do I get a Customised Mattress?
    You can fill out a form and book an appointment by clicking on "Build your Mattress" and booking a demo at the end of the page. From there we will help build your perfect mattress just the way you like it.
  • Where can I get a Custom Mattress?
    You can get your personalised mattress throughout the country on the condition that demo and consultation will be online. If you would like to have a home consultation, that service is only available in Hyderabad & Secundrabad at present, but we will be expanding to different cities as well.
  • How to build a Custom Mattress?
    We do all the building for you, however, we require your valuable input based on which your future mattress configuration will be built. When you book a demo online/offline, we ask your question about your immediate needs and suggest you appropriate raw materials to best tackle your problems. That's how we build a truly custom mattress!
  • Why get a Custom Mattress?
    Most mattress companies sell you a pre-defined configurated mattress that may not work for you. We do not manufacture on a huge scale with a pre-defined configuration, rather we build each mattress personalised to our client's needs. This makes your mattress a truly one of a kind that is built by you and for you. We spend a 3rd of our life sleeping, so why not take this opportunity to make that sleep time quality time by purchasing a custom-tailored mattress?
  • What is the price of a Custom Mattress?
    Just like Rolls Royce does not have a base model (Yes they do not have a base model, google!) we too don't have a set price for a custom king size mattress. The price depends on your selection of raw materials. If you choose high-end materials the price is going to be high, if you choose economical material the price may be just right. Short answer, it depends on your selection of raw materials.
  • How much time will it take to deliver my Custom Mattress?
    It usually takes 2 to 3 business days from the time of successfully placing an order.
  • Do we get free delivery on Custom Mattress?
    Yes, within Hyderabad and Secundrabad. All out-of-state orders will have to pay logistics charges to third-party transportation companies.
  • What are the benefits of buying a Custom Mattress?
    You get to decide what goes into making your Mattress. You get to choose odd/custom sizes. You get to choose different custom shapes/ patterns/ cuts & creases according to your bed frame. Tailor made to you and you only. choose two different sides, e.g. one side memory for you nad latex for your partner. Reversible mattress.
  • Can I buy Custom Size Kurl on Mattress?
    We do sell custom Size kurl on Mattresses. However, the delivery times with such products tend to be delayed and may take a couple of weeks to reach us.
  • What is the return policy like on Custom Mattresses?
    Since the mattresses are heavily personalised and have been tailor-made to your exact specifications, the custom mattresses do not have a return policy. In our experience selling custom mattresses, we have found that an individual's design configuration will not be liked by others. So the mattresses made are very exclusive to you and you only. However, if there are any manufacturing defects on your custom mattresses, then yes we will be happy to help fix them.
  • Is the Custom Mattress two way usable?
    Yes, by default all our mattresses are two way usable. This means you can use the top or the bottom side of the mattress to better suit your liking.
  • How to choose right PU Foam?
    Pu foam has densities. The denser, the better. Better in quality, life span and performance. Industry-standard is from 32 density to 40 density for average PU foam, but higher densities upward of 50 density exist. Our sales exec can help you further. Contact now!
  • What is the lifespan of a typical foam mattress?
    Depending upon quality, the life of a foam mattress can be from 5 years upto 12 years
  • Can I get a Custom Made-to-Order foam mattress?
    Yes you can! click here to book an appointment.
  • Is PU foam natural?
    No, PU or polyurethane foam is a man-made synthetic material.
  • How do I know if memory foam is the one for me?
    A very simple way to know if memory foam will be right for you is if you like your mattress to hug you, sink you and absorb your day's tiredness then yes my friend, we think memory foam is perfect for you.
  • What is the life span of Memory Foam?
    12 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Does the Foam Mattress packed in a box?
    No, we do not vacuum pack our mattresses. The reason for this decision is that we use high density foam in our mattresses that makes vacuum packing a bit difficult. However we pack our product in plastics that are absolutely necessary, thus being environmentally friendly
  • What does Memory foam mattress feels to sleep on?
    Pressure absorbing, body hugging and super soft. You will sleep like a baby, I know I do.
  • How firm are Foam Mattress?
    Our Mattresses are dual comfort mattresses, so the soft side will be 6 and the firm side will be 8. The scale used here is 1-10, 1 being super soft and 10 being the floor. Irrespective of these scales if you choose a custom mattress, you have the power to select any type of firmness and softness. Order your custom foam mattress here!
  • Do I need to air the Foam/Memory Foam Mattress?
    No, you don't need to air our any foam mattresses
  • Is Latex a better alternative to memory foam?
    No, Latex on its own is a unique product that enjoys its own fan base. Latex is most used by people who are looking to get proper support for their spines and by people who do not like their mattress to get hot like foam.
  • Is Latex warm like PU foam?
    No, on the contrary, latex sheets are much cooler and they help assist in air flow in the mattress keeping the temperature in check.
  • Is Latex 100% Natural?
    No, Latex in its 100% purest form is liquid. In order for us to make it usable in mattress and furniture, the manufacturer adds a rising agent. The ratio of that mixture is 90% liquid latex sap from the tree and 10% rising agents that helps in making it fluffy and soft.
  • What does Natural Latex feels to sleep on?
    Soft, bouncy and supportive.
  • How firm is a Latex Mattress?
    On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is supersoft and 10 is floor, our Latex Mattress ranges between 5 to 8. You can alter the softness and firmness according to your liking by placing a custom mattress order here!
  • Do I need to air the Latex Mattress?
    No, you do not.
  • How to accurately measure mattress size?
    There are three important sizes to any mattress, they are A) Length B) Width C) Height The height of a mattress is also referred to as the thickness of the mattress. It can range from 4 inches to all the way up to 12 inches depending on your personal preference and the height of your bed frame. Our representative will be more than happy to help you with the measurements, contact us now!
  • I need a mattress with rounded corners.
    Say no more! we are here to hlep! Contact Us now, and our team will help you build your perfect mattress.
  • I need a mattress with corners cut at 90 degrees
    Something like this? we have got your back! contact us now or book a demo to build your next perfect mattress.
  • My bed frame is 4 inches shallow, how do I measure mattress thickness?"
    The best way to measure your mattress thickness is to measure from the bottom keeping 4 inch as standard and add thickness on top of it. For e.g if you want your mattress to be 8 inch thick, all you have to do is add 4 plus 4. For further assistance our representatives are ready to help, book a consultation now!
  • SAFIRA? that is a person's name so why a Sapphire as a logo?
    Safira or sapphira in many european languages means a sapphire diamond. This diamond symbolizes our brand’s affiliation with premium, handmade and personalized mattress making services we offer. Thank you for asking this question!
  • What type of Mattresses are manufactured by Safira?
    We make hand crafted, tailor made mattresses that are built exclusively for you and you alone. At the moment we build custom mattresses in PU foam, Memory foam, Natural Latex and spring mattress. All the raw materials are of premium quality and high density giving them 12 years of life span. All our mattresses are dual comfort by design so that you get more out of your tailor made mattress.
  • How are SAFIRA Mattresses Memory foam mattress better than other box brands?
    We use pure solid two inches of memory foam with white gel infused cooling crystals. Making our memory foam mattress far superior in both quality and comfort. Most of the other economical memory foam mattresses use less than one inch of memory foam to save costs and lower mattress prices.
  • Why are the prices here high?
    The reason they are high is that we use only premium raw material. We do not compromise on quality. Plus we make all of our mattresses by hand and not machines. This helps us support our local community. Comparatively, the prices are low compared to premium mattresses you buy at showrooms, that is because we have removed middle men and sell to you directly.
  • How long does it take to get comfy on a SAFIRA Mattress?
    According to science, the average time taken for a human body to get used to anything is 3 weeks. We have found in our testing the above true and the results varied from 21 days to 25 days.
  • Does new Mattresses smell of chemicals?
    Yes, sort of. Just like any new product you buy you notice a smell. For e.g when you buy a new car, remember the new car smell? Similarly our mattresses do have a new mattress smell that will go away when you unpack it.
  • How long does a Mattress from SAFIRA last?
    We offer an industry leading warranty and guarantee of 12 years (depending upon class of product). Read more about our warranty and guarantee policy here.
  • Can I flip and use the Mattress other side?
    yes you can flip and use the other sdie of all of our mattresses. They all are designed in such a manner that by default they are dual comfort mattresses.
  • Can I look and feel sample raw materials before placing an order?
    Yes, you can do that. All you have to do is book a one on one consultation with our sales representative and they will bring all the samples of raw materials to your home. Here you see and feel all the raw materials before making a decision. Book a home demo now!
  • Can I fold the Mattress
    You can roll and bend our mattress but not fold it completely. However if you are looking for a mattress to fold and stow away from time to time, we advise you buy a folding mattress instead. The best part of buying any mattress from us is that you can customise it any way you like.
  • How much does a typical Mattress from SAFIRA weigh?
    Depending on size and thickness the mattress weighs about 10 to 25 kgs. It can hold upto 400 kgs i.e 200 kgs on either side of the mattress.
  • Are mattresses from SAFIRA safe?
    Yes, 100% safe for adults, children, infants and pets. Our raw materials are sourced from responsible and reputed suppliers in the country and hence comes with a manufacturers guarantee of safety.
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