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Best Foam Mattress in Hyderabad

An amalgamation of the best PU foam materials in the mattress industry that is sure to give you a perfect night's sleep that will help you wake up feeling fresh and energized.


Buy Foam Mattress online from Safira Mattress

Buying a premium and high quality foam mattress online now has been made simpler and more affordable here at SAFIRA Mattresses. We believe buying a mattress that suits your needs should be hassle free, free of confusions and misleading marketing terms that in reality means almost nothing. Our foam mattresses in Hyderabad are made in-house with the highest grade and density foam so that the foam mattress you purchase lasts more than 10 years. Our Foam Mattresses are made to suit the customers needs by making it soft, medium firm or firm according to the customer's request. All the Foam Mattresses at SAFIRA are reversible mattresses, which means you can get two different levels of softness and firmness on either side of the mattress ensuring you get the most out of your money.


 Our Foam mattresses are equipped with the outer quilted fabric which is plush, soft and has breathable qualities. The diamond shaped patterns on the quilted fabric are an aesthetic choice as well as as therapeutic as they help in even weight distribution. The foam used in our mattresses are of high density and are split between three layers, i.e. the base layer, the transition layer and the top layer. 


Customize your Foam Mattress


Custom Sizes

Choose your won custom sizes that fits just right onto your bed frames.


Make it Fold-able!

Make your foam mattress a space saver mattress by opting for a fold-able mattress, once not in use, you can fold it and stow it out of the way, it also can fold into a make shit sofa!


Choose Each Layer

With our flag ship service of customization, you get the full control as to what goes into making your future perfect mattress.

final pro-min.jpg

Custom Designs

Your bed frame demands a mattress with cuts and rounded corner? worry not we have got you covered!

Premium Foam Mattress

Our Ultimate goal is to provide premium foam mattress online in hyderabad. With that very Idea we began developing a premium mattress that is the culmination of the best of the materials this industry has to offer and put that into our flagship mattresses. All the premiumness doesn't come with a premium price tag though. Our Premium foam mattress online is the best value for money as they are reversible, customizable and made to your exact needs.


Our premium foam mattresses are made using high density materials which are industry leading and industry standard. Materials including 40 density and 50 density transitional foam, re-bonded foam and memory foam. The premium foam is then wrapped up in a luxurious quilted breathable fabric that is soft, plush and lux to touch.


Order our premium foam mattress online in hyderabad to feel the difference, to sleep the best night’s sleep that you’ve ever slept. A sleep in the lap of a luxurious handcrafted mattress. 


Foam mattress

Our Foam mattress in Hyderabad is known for their durability, affordability and long service of the mattress. Our Mattresses are made by hand so that every inch of the mattress is given the same amount of attention to detail. That end product is a robust, premium and sturdy mattress that lasts up-to 12 long years.


Our Foam mattresses are made with the same exact PU foam that we use in all our other mattresses. Hence making this mattress in par with the all our premium mattress range. The foam mattress also has the same level of features such as even-body weight distribution and pressure relieving properties that help you sleep the best slumber and let you relax.


Budget Foam mattress

Our Budget foam mattress online is aimed at providing our patented premium mattress feel at a budget. The budget foam mattress is at a price point where it makes it accessible for audiences at large who too can take advantage of our superior foam layer arrangement that helps them sleep a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh & energized. 


The building blocks of the budget foam mattress are the same high density PU foam materials that we use to build the other two foam mattresses, the major difference is the outer cover that is not quilted. Although not quilted, it's smooth, breathable and aesthetically pleasing to look at.


Customize foam mattress

At Safira Mattresses we put customers and their priorities first. We believe the consumer should get the best product regardless of the money they spend. We believe that not every sleeper is alike and we also believe that people do have different sleeping requirements. 


Personalized designs:- Total freedom to select any personalized designs, cutouts and shapes for your foam mattress online that suits and fits your bed frame to the nearest millimeter. This service is especially useful to customers who have antique bed frames or have unique shaped beds with odd sizes that are not easily found on the traditional market. At Safira Mattresses you too can order a mattress in any shape and sizes.


Select each Individual layer: - with an impressive inventory of different foam with various densities and textures, our customers have the freedom to truly customize their foam mattress. Our “build your own mattress’ service allows you to build your mattress layer-by-layer and thus expanding the possibility of achieving that desired softness to firmness ratio.


Built by Hand: - All our custom mattress and regular mattress are made by hand. Yes, made by hand. This is a very crucial aspect that differentiate us from the rest and makes us unique. Our foam mattresses are built carefully by hand that includes the outer cover fabric that is stitched by hand to make sure a robust build will last a decade.


Make it Fold-able: - Choose to have your foam mattresses in a fold-able form so that it makes it easy to stow away in a corner. The foam mattresses can be made with a two and three fold design that will make the mattress multipurpose, allowing you to use the mattress as a makeshift couch, long chair with backrest and more!

Custom Sizes: - At SAFIRA Mattresses you can order a custom size mattress. A mattress that is an odd size, a size that is currently not available in the existing mattress showrooms and beyond. All the odd sized and odd shaped mattresses can be made under our flagship custom mattress service.

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