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A foam mattress is an ideal choice for good rest and healthy sleep

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Springless and spring foam mattresses are the most purchased sleeping accessories. They are bought for placement on beds, sofas, folding armchairs, and even on the floor. They are elastic, lightweight, very practical, and provide a comfortable, restful sleep. On such a mattress, the body is completely relaxed, which contributes to the most effective rest. Foam mattresses are easy to care for, they are inexpensive and durable. So buy a premium foam mattress with balanced support.

Material and design features

The material from which the mattress is made is polyurethane foam or foam rubber. In production, its special, non-combustible, elastic types are used, which have the effect of memory - the restoration of the form after loads. The density of the filler determines the rigidity of the mattress, affects the uniformity of the distribution of body weight, and provides the necessary support to the spine.

The characteristics of wear resistance and service life of the product depend on it:

  • Soft FOAM mattress with minimum density is designed for an average weight of up to 90 kg, comfortable, reminiscent of the feather;

  • Model of medium rigidity - weighing up to 110 kg, quickly recovers, supports the back well;

  • Rigid filler with additional components can withstand up to 140 kg of total weight and has an orthopaedic effect.

Products made of artificial latex with increased rigidity with the proper operation will last without changing their properties for 8 years or more. Buy a memory foam mattress online at the best price now!

Structurally, foam mattresses are:

  • Combined - with a base of the foam layer and padding from felt, coconut fibre, sheep wool, and cotton;

  • Multilayer - from several equal layers of different densities, with improved quality indicators.

New methods of production allow you to get more interesting models - asymmetrical mattresses for different weight partners, and double-sided mattresses with a thermoregulatory effect of varying degrees of rigidity.

Dimensional parameters

The size of the sleeping pad ought to be chosen by the size of the bed. Contingent upon the useful reason, froth beddings are:

  • Children, length 120,140, adults - 190, 200 cm;

  • Single, width 60, 70, 90, one and a half — 120, double — 140 cm;

  • Non-standard - made according to individual sizes.

The thickness of the product depends on the weight of the person who will sleep on it. The greater the weight, the thicker the mattress should be. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the presence of the side part of the bed, in which case the height of the mattress should exceed it by at least 2 cm.

Benefits and Best Practices

Modern Safirabeds Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, the advantages of which are undeniable, provides quality rest, and has many positive characteristics, of which the determining are:

  • Budget cost;

  • Environmental safety;

  • Low weight, compactness;

  • High moisture resistance, and breathability;

  • Durability, wear resistance;

  • Easy maintenance, transportation, and storage.

Products are economical in production; therefore, buying cheap foam mattresses, you cannot doubt their functionality and quality, in no way inferior to more expensive models. All mattresses are equipped with protective covers that protect the filler from external influences - moisture, dust, dirt, and mechanical damage. The removable cover gives the mattress a respectable look, is made of various fabrics of pleasant texture, and aesthetic colours, easy to wash.

Due to such advantages, the scope of application of foam mattresses is very wide - from individual homes to more mass use: in medical, children's institutions, military units, camps, hotels, and boarding houses.

Mattresses need proper care and operation, they should:

  • Turn over regularly;

  • Ventilate monthly in the air;

  • Systematically clean with a regular vacuum cleaner;

  • If necessary, apply special cleaning agents;

  • Dry thoroughly if moisture gets in;

  • Reliably covered during repairs and disinfection procedures.

Foam mattresses – pros

Universal foam mattresses, the pros, and cons of which vary significantly, have the following advantages:

  • Designed for people of different builds and age categories;

  • Have several degrees of stiffness, which are selected by medical indications;

  • Are distinguished by a wide size range, which allows you to pick them up for almost any bed;

  • Less prone to contamination compared to other types of similar products;

  • Do not cake, do not sag, do not form dents, do not crumble, and do not cause discomfort.

Hope this blog is helpful to you. Find the best foam & latex mattresses at the best prices in Hyderabad now!

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