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Pillow: which option to choose?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Given the structural features of the human body, sleep is required to ensure a comfortable position of the head & good neck support. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a pillow for healthy sleep. Always consider the individual body characteristics, personal preferences, and medical indications.

Things to consider when choosing a pillow

Good sleep affects overall well-being. Therefore, before you buy a pillow, you need to clearly define what it should be. Each organism and person is individual, and not always even the most expensive option will be able to ensure the correct position of the head and support of the neck during sleep.

  1. The height forms the position of the head during rest and should be close to the width of the shoulders. On average, the height is about 10-15 cm.

  2. Standard sizes 50x70 cm or 70x70 cm do not have a strong impact on the quality of rest, so the decisive factor here is comfort and personal preferences.

  3. The degree of stiffness is selected depending on the most familiar position of the body. For lovers of rest on the stomach, a soft down filler is needed, for those sleeping on the back or the side - medium hardness.

What are the advantages of a down pillow?

Models with down filler provide:

  • low weight due to the lightness of the fluff;

  • elastic texture and absence of lumps;

  • no rustling;

  • In comparison with some synthetic materials, the down base is more durable;

  • good moisture absorption, rapid drying, and air circulation inside;

  • excellent heat retention in winter and coolness in summer;

  • Softness and comfort.

Disadvantages of a down pillow

Despite a large number of its advantages, before buying, consider:

  • Due to the too-soft texture, pain in the spine may occur.

  • down has an increased degree of allergies due to the possibility of ticks;

  • Down padding requires regular cleaning, drying in the fresh air, and ventilation;

  • High cost of natural material.

What are the advantages of the orthopaedic pillow?

  1. Such models are recommended for people who have any diseases of the neck & back, as well as it is for everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle and cares about their well-being.

  2. A classic orthopaedic product with a memory effect has a hypoallergenic filler, which helps to normalize blood circulation during rest and prevent the development of diseases of the cervical spine.

  3. The orthopaedic model with a wave of latex filler breathes well and is ventilated, perfectly holds the head in a position on the back or its side, and therefore is a universal option.

The orthopaedic product forms the natural position of the cervical region, unloading the muscles.

Are there any disadvantages of the orthopaedic pillow?

Yes. It is worth noting a few:

  • High cost due to expensive fillers;

  • A possible period of getting used to the new surface may be necessary if you have not previously used orthopaedic models.

Tip: to avoid a possible period of addiction to an orthopaedic product, you can find a model with crushed filler.

What to choose?

  1. If you are not lazy and you are not afraid of the complexity and regularity of care, as well as if you do not tend to allergic diseases and problems with the cervical region, you can give preference to the down model. In return, you will get the usual sensations and comfort for you.

  2. It is important to buy down products from manufacturers that do antiseptic treatment of the down.

Choosing an orthopaedic pillow gives more than convenience. It is pleasant to sleep with it, and at the same time, it has a preventive and therapeutic effect. Such models are pillows of a new generation that help maintain human health.

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