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Eight Signs To Show Your Mattress is Causing Back Pain

The mattress that you sleep on can make or break your sleep. It plays a big role in giving you a sound sleep and controlling how you feel after waking up in the morning. And yes, an incorrect mattress can even cause you back pain. When you sleep for prolonged hours on a wrong mattress, it makes the spine lose its natural alignment resulting in muscle strain and eventual backache.

On the other hand, a good and correct mattress offers support to your spine by maintaining a natural cervical position, thereby preventing back soreness. People do not buy mattress online India as per their sleeping habits are prone to develop not just chronic back pain but the neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. We list below eight signs that tell if your mattress is causing back pain.

1. Morning stiffness and pain

Straight after waking up every morning, if you experience back pain, the mattress and your sleeping position are likely to be blamed. The unwanted strain on your spine could be due to using a very old or an n extremely soft mattress, which leads to back pain.

2. An undisturbed night’s sleep

An uncomfortable mattress will only lead you to toss and turn all night. This restlessness can be due to not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position, which causes back pain.

3. Your mattress drowns you in it

If you sink into your mattress and your spine is unable to maintain its natural position, it can contribute to your back issues.

4. Your mattress is either too soft or too hard

An extremely soft mattress can start hurting your spine even before you realize it. A hard mattress causes pressure in joints. To combat this issue, most sleep experts suggest opting for a medium-firm orthopaedic mattress.

5. Your mattress is new

Usually, when you buy a new mattress, the body takes time to adapt to a new sleeping surface. If you feel uncomfortable after switching to a new mattress, there are high chances that the new mattress will result in lower back pain. Give time to your body to adapt to it.

6. You have a very old mattress

You should change your mattress every 7-8 years. This is because after a few years, the mattress is likely to wear out. In addition, with time, our body weight, sleeping patterns and bone density changes. This calls for a replacement of the mattress.

7. You keep waking up during the night

Any kind of disturbance in sleep can be related to the kind of environment you sleep in. Your mattress being the most essential component of your sleep plays an important role in providing you with uninterrupted sleep.

8. If sleeping comfortable seems like a dream

A good mattress and quality sleep go hand in hand. If your current mattress does not offer you the desired rest, it is time to change to a new one.

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