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How to make your own mattress

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Introducing our one of a kind “Build your Mattresses” Service

Our one of a kind “Build your Mattress” service provides 100% custom mattresses where our customers can fully customise their mattress from the ground up

Customers can not only be able to select their mattress size but will also be able to choose the materials which go into making the mattress itself.

Choices in materials like PU foam or Polyurethane foam, latex rubber, coir or coil spring will be on offer. On top of that, choices further extend to the mattress cover. Different colour options, designs, patterns, foam quilted, regular quilt, cotton quilted, breathable, non-breathable etc.

Customers can create their mattress by trying out various combinations of all materials or stick to a single kind. The outcome of the build entirely depends on the customer's taste and preferences.

All of the options provide our customers to make your own mattress, a mattress that they trust and a mattress that is truly 100% made exclusively for them.

There are two ways of doing this.

By visiting our store

  • The customer walks into our facility, we give them a little tour of the place, explaining each material and its function. Based on the customer’s requirements we suggest them the perfect materials suited to their requirements. I.e. If the customer has back pain issues, then we may suggest material X. If the customer needs a soft plush mattress we might suggest material Y. If the consumer requests a firm bed for orthopaedic reasons we may suggest material Z and so on.

  • After the materials have been selected based on the customer's needs, we then move on to the mattress cover selection. Here we have a variety to choose from like different colour options, designs, patterns, foam quilted, regular quilt, cotton quilted, breathable, non-breathable etc.

  • After selecting everything if the customer is satisfied with the build, we make a cost estimate of the mattress with the materials that they handpicked.

  • The most unique feature about this method is the amount of flexibility the consumer has not just on materials and size of the mattress but also the price factor

  • Suppose the customer’s budget is 15,000 INR, and their build comes to around 22,000 INR, we can alter the materials to fit their budget. It may not be 15,000 INR but somewhere in the ballpark.

  • Hence the customer never leaves dissatisfied.

Home consultation & Demo

  • It's the same thing as the first model, the only difference being we do all that at the customer's house.

  • Customer books an appointment for a house demo on the website and then we show up at their house with all the necessary samples of materials we use to build a mattress and do the same thing in the comfort of their own home.


To recap everything,

  1. You can make your own mattress with us using our unique “Build your mattress” Service

  2. There are two ways of availing this service either by visiting our store or just by booking online for a house demo.

  3. In any approach the customer is explained about different materials and functions, we will require the size of your mattress.

  4. We will take feedback from you as to what you are looking for in a mattress, I.e firmness, softness etc.

  5. After having sufficient feedback from your end we will suggest you the perfect materials fit true to your needs.

  6. You can try a small sample built right in front of you. If you are satisfied with the build we will then make a cost estimate.

  7. After placing the order successfully, rest assured your mattress will be delivered at your doorstep just the way you ordered it. A mattress that you built.

Below is a short video recapping this blog post.

To book an appoinment for a home demo to make your custom mattress click here!

To browse our shop for a readymade mattresses, memory foam mattress topper & pillows Click Here!

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