How to make your own mattress

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Introducing our one of a kind “Build your Mattresses” Service

Our one of a kind “Build your Mattress” service provides 100% custom mattresses where our customers can fully customise their mattress from the ground up

Customers can not only be able to select their mattress size but will also be able to choose the materials which go into making the mattress itself.

Choices in materials like PU foam or Polyurethane foam, latex rubber, coir or coil spring will be on offer. On top of that, choices further extend to the mattress cover. Different colour options, designs, patterns, foam quilted, regular quilt, cotton quilted, breathable, non-breathable etc.

Customers can create their mattress by trying out various combinations of all materials or stick to a single kind. The outcome of the build entirely depends on the customer's taste and preferences.

All of the options provide our customers to make your own mattress, a mattress that they trust and a mattress that is truly 100% made exclusively for them.

There are two ways of doing this.

By visiting our store

  • The customer walks into our facility, we give them a little tour of the place, explaining each material and its function. Based on the customer’s requirements we suggest them the perfect materials suited to their requirements. I.e. If the customer has back pain issues, then we may suggest material X. If the customer needs a soft plush mattress we might suggest material Y. If the consumer requests a firm bed for orthopaedic reasons we may suggest material Z and so on.

  • After the materials have been selected based on the customer's needs, we then move