Latex Rubber Mattress

Latex Rubber Mattress


The all-natural latex is the best selling mattress in current times. Providing sleep that is miles ahead of PU foam while being nature sourced as well. Latex is harvested from rubber trees making it a natural alternative for people who can't stand synthetic, man-made PU foam.  


The latex used in this mattress is of 65D which provides excellent cushioning to your body. The Latex also helps by contouring according to your body type giving you maximum comfort. 


The mattress is covered in a quilted, soft & plush feeling fabric which is breathable which allows the mattress to be cool.

  • Specifications

    Sizes Displayed are in "Inches". The following is a guide to convert from Inches to Feet and CM

    I Feet = 12 Inches

    1 Centimeter = 0.39 Inch

  • Shipping

    Standard delivery time will be within 3 to 5 business days.

  • Warranty, Guarantee & Return Policy

    The Mattresses comes with an industry leading 7 years Guarantee & 10 years warranty.

    The read the return policy on our products please visit this link.

  • Inspiration

    As people become aware of how important it is to live a natural life. A life that is free of toxins and synthetic material. Due to this very trend latex mattresses have seen a rise in demand. At Safira Mattresses, we believe providing an all-natural mattress will help us fulfil our mission and vision of providing premium mattresses at non-premium prices.

  • Build your own Mattress

    We at Safira Mattresses use our unique service of fully customising your mattress layer-by-layer and give you the freedom to choose any material to build your mattress. For. e.g. you can order a fully natural latex mattress like this one or order it with a foam base to lower the price further. With this unique service, we put the control back in your hands. You can choose what goes into your mattress.

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