Add an extra 2-inch layer of all-natural latex mattress topper to your existing mattress to rejuvenate its life and make your sleep significantly better. Being 100% natural latex, all the amazing properties of a latex mattress comes along with it. The benefits of spine correction, addressing back pains issues and movement absorption are packed into this 2-inch latex mattress topper. 


We use premium latex which in the industry referred to as “Pincore latex” which has a density of 65D. This density makes it ideal to use as the top layer of your mattress. The firmness level for this latex mattress topper would be medium. 


The outer fabric is non-quilted and 100% pure cotton. The latex has by default tiny holes in it which provides excellent airflow throughout. But, in general, natural latex is considerably cooler than memory foam

Natural Latex Mattress Topper

PriceFrom ₹6,500.00

Sizes Displayed are in "Inches". The following is a guide to convert from Inches to Feet and CM

I Feet = 12 Inches

1 Centimeter = 0.39 Inch

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