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In our one of a kind service only at SAFIRA Mattresses, lets you cherry pick the materials that go into making your perfect mattress . This service helps you build your mattress just the way you like it. 

We are always happy to explain to you in the comfort of your home. This service is especially for those unfamiliar with materials that go into building a mattress.

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Scientific Research Based Benefits of a Good Sleep

As research suggests we humans spend about a third of our lives in sleep. To put that in perspective, a third of your life is about 30 years for someone who is 90 years of age. That is a significant amount of time spent sleeping, thus making the most out of this sleeping time is very crucial. Having a great sleep brings in a host of benefits that are both mental and physical. Mentally a good sleep can enhance your ability to feel good, wake up feeling fresh and mentally prepared to tackle the day head on. Physically, a good night’s sleep will help your muscles relax and ease all the tensed up  body parts helping your entire body enter a calm and soothing state where you sleep like a baby. Armed with the perfect combination of mental and physical wellness you are sure to wake up energized and ready to perform your best at work.


Time to say goodbye to your old, clumpy and stiff mattress and welcome a hand made mattress that is tailored just for you. The mattress online at SAFIRA has the credentials of a high end mattress but without that high-end price tag. We believe that a good sleep is everybody’s right and you can get just that here at SAFIRA Mattresses. We sell mattresses in all industry standard sizes such as single, double, queen, king size mattresses. We did not stop there but we also make truly one hundred percent custom mattress online in Hyderabad, that means you are in full control in deciding layer-by-layer configuration based on your specific needs. This makes our custom mattress service an economically and ergonomically sound option that you are sure to like. So, why is the wait? Order now and own a premium handcrafted mattress today!


Key Aspects You Should Know Before Buying That Perfect Mattress

In today’s day and age where you can find pretty much everything online, a good quality mattress is no exception. There are a hundred or so websites that you can shop mattress online, but that will only add to the compilation the mattresses industry is synonyms with. In times and situations like these a helping hand is always appreciated, so here we are to help. 


  • Mattress Material: - The mattress industry is riddled with a ton of different materials. This makes any common customer confused and irritated with the complicated names, features and functions. In these complications all you need to look for are four main materials. Memory foam, Latex foam, Coir or Spring. Each one has its own unique property and each one helps support different parts of body pains. To summarise each material, Memory foam helps people with back and shoulder pains while reliving built up muscle pressure in your entire body. Latex on the other hand is a bit on the bouncier side, it's also a natural alternative to the synthetic PU foam and people who have allergies to foam latex will be the best alternative. Coir mattresses have been a staple in the indian market and still are a favorite among many indian consumers, however tides have been shifting and the rage is dying down. The benefits of coir were enough to ignore the downsides of it however if you are considering a coir mattress look for either a 70/D or 90/D coir. The Spring mattresses are considered more of an American staple, it does have its advantages but it does not have caught up in the country yet.

  • Mattress Size: - Accurate measurement of your bed frame results in a perfect fit of your mattress on it. The industry standards are single, double, queen and king. But these may differ ever so slightly that it may not fit perfectly onto your bed frame. The best way to measure for your future mattress is from the grove stares, where your bed frame starts to hollow out 1 inch to comfortably fit the mattress and doesn't allow it to slide about. Buying mattress in Hyderabad, has been made ever so easy as part of our custom mattress program our craftsmen will visit your home to get accurate measurements so that you can relax and let us worry about the technical stuff.

  • Your Budget: - Your budget defines the range for your mattress buying options. Although as a customer you may be inclined to spend less and get more out of it but in the mattress industry the more you spend the better the mattress quality tends to be. It's only natural to compare two mattresses at different price points, but in reality there is always a reason why two similar size mattresses cost drastically different. Your budget also defines the number of years you will be using your mattress, typically a cheap mattress has a life of no more than 3 years, while a good quality mattress will last you upwards of 10 years. As mentioned in this post above, we spend a third of our lives on a mattress and that reason is more than enough to invest on a quality mattress so that you spend that third of your life in full comfort and relaxation and that alone should be the reason for you to buy mattress online in Hyderabad from SAFIRA Mattresses.

Why Should You Buy From US? 

You must be wondering, why should you buy form SAFIRA mattresses and not any well established brands out there?. To that we say, the level of transparency, customization and trust we make with our customers making them fully aware of what they are paying for and that their purpose of buying a new mattress in the first place will be fulfilled because of our constant effort to understand what our customer wants. Buying mattress online in Hyderabad has made it difficult to have that touch feeling and has even reduced the choice of what the customer would actually want in their mattress, this is where our custom mattress service comes into focus, where we bring samples to your home so that you are acquainted with them and know exactly what you need. Mattresses in Hyderabad have never been the same before now that our flagship “Build your mattress” service helps you build that perfect mattress for that perfect night’s sleep.

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