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Custom Mattress Cost Calculator

buy customize mattresses online in Hyderabad

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Custom Matrress cost calculator.

A brief summary of how to make the best out of it.

The custom cost calculator is a tool devised by our team here at Safira Mattresses. Initially, it was a tool to help out sales department quickly find out the estimated cost of any mattress configurations. One person came up with the idea to upload it onto the website so that customers too will be able to do it themselves. Since then thousands of people have used our tool to get an estimate of their custom build mattresses and hundreds use it every day. 


The tool can be simple for people and employees who are familiar with the technical terms and functions of the raw materials that go into making any custom mattress online in Hyderabad. But for someone who is new to all this can be a bit difficult to understand. 


We are however working day and night to bring a more simplified version that will be useful for everyday customers as well.


To begin with, you have two methods to find out the custom cost of the mattress using the tool.

  1. You can choose the individual layers independently to make a truly custom mattress and fine-tune the softness-to-firmness ratio to get the desired results. 

  2. Or you can simply select the kind of mattress you want and enter the custom dimensions and the mattress cost calculator will do the rest.


We will go through step one in this explanation. 


Step 1) Select your preferred type of mattress. Let's assume you are looking for a premium natural latex mattress in Hyderabad. Select a Latex mattress on the list and then select the size that reflects closest to your custom dimensions let's assume you are in for a 78x72x10-inch king-size mattress


Step 2) Select the base layer of the mattress. You have the choice to select any base layer. For this instance, we select other medicated 4-inch rebonded foam for the base.


Step 3) Select the latex layer from the menu. You can select 4-inch pin core natural latex.


Step 4) Sine we've selected 4-inch rebonded foam and 4-inch natural latex that makes the mattress 8-inch in height/ thickness. We need 2 more inches to reach our desired height/ thickness of a 10-inch mattress


Step 5) We have another two inches to add to the latex + rebonded hybrid mattress. Since you have all the freedom here you can add any other material on top. You can even add a 2-inch cool gel memory foam on top to complete the build. 


Step 6) Select the fabric options and the estimated cost will appear right in front of you. 


In the case of any confusion, you can always contact us or book an appointment for a home form or an online demo. A salesperson will be more than happy to help.


Why Buy Memory Foam Mattress From Us?

The mattress in Hyderabad by SAFIRA is the only mattress provider that listens to what you want in your mattress. We are the only one in the country who builds a mattress according to our customer’s preferences so that they get full satisfaction. We are completely transparent on how and what goes into making your future mattress, thus ensuring you peace of mind about your future mattress is of great quality and will easily last 12 years. So, what are we waiting for? Order your fully custom memory foam mattress online in Hyderabad, today!


Truly Customise Your Memory Foam Mattress Just The Way You Like It

Buying a fully customisable mattress online in Hyderabad has a lot of added advantages that seem not important at first, but are key in achieving a perfect good night’s sleep. Only at SAFIRA Mattresses, you can get yourself a mattress that is made 100% for you and you alone. The level of personalization at SAFIRA offers layer-by-layer configuration freedom so you can pick and choose the right materials to suit your health needs. This model also allows you to build your future mattress when you are on a budget, making the custom mattress service both economically and ergonomically efficient.

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