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BuyBest Memory Foam Mattress Online in Hyderabad

Memory foam mattress
Cool Gel Memory Foam

Science and research have shown that a good sleeping posture accompanied by a deep sleep results in a sleep that helps you wake up fresh and energetic every morning. This energy and freshness are what’s needed when your day-to-day life could be stressful and demanding. After such a hectic day one only desires to gain deep, restful and complete sleep that will help them wake up refreshed to tackle the day ahead.

Explore the Collection

Shop through our pre-configured premium memory foam mattresses and toppers. They come with a 12-year warranty as standard and are supremely comfortable and convenient.

Benefits of Buying a Custom Memory Foam Mattress

There are multitude of benefits of getting your mattress made by choosing individual Layers. Some of which are...

custom shapes and sizes

Custom Shapes 

Freedom to select personalized designs, cut outs and odd shapes that best fits your antique furniture.

folding mattress

Custom Sizes

The freedom to order any custom sizes, odd shapes and forms. With the added freedom to select each layer, you can truly get a mattress made just for you.

PU foam layers

Choose Indiviual Layer

Freedom to select each individual layer which helps target your personal needs.

Experience the sample of your configuration live in front of you before you decide.

home delivery

Free Home Delivery*

Free home delivery across Hyderabad

hand made

100% Hand Made

All our custom mattress are 100% built by hands of our very talented craftsmen.

upto 12 years warranty

Upto 12 Years Warranty*

All our premium mattresses comes as standadrd with a 12 year waranty.


A Memory Foam Mattress That is Perfect for Every Sleeping Position

The Memory foam mattress has become quite popular among typical Indian consumers and for all the right reasons. For one, a memory foam mattress has the unique ability to absorb all your pains and physical stresses in your body and provide you with optimal comfort where it is needed the most. This only function makes it quite adaptable for people who sleep in various positions, such as people who sleep on their backs, stomachs and sides. The memory foam is more than happy to take the shape of your preferred body side and wrap around you providing you with the best support while being snug and cosy. The ability of memory foam to take the shape of your body is another important feature which has made it quite popular in modern times. Coupled with the new manufacturing techniques and the addition of cooling materials into the foam, memory foam has come a long way in terms of usability and appeal to the general public.

So, the memory foam mattress seems like the right fit for you? Well, the memory foam is adaptable to any body form and as a result, it can be used by a wide array of people. A memory foam mattress is all you need to achieve that perfect sleep that will help you wake fresh and feel energetic to take on the day head-on. Buy memory foam mattress online today.

Memory Foam Mattress at Safira 

The memory foam mattress online here at Safira Mattresses is a work of art. Our finest craftsmen make this mattress with utmost care and dedication by using only the finest and the best-grade materials in the mattress industry. Combining those materials in a combination that results in a 12-year life of a typical memory foam mattress made only at SAFIRA mattresses. Our memory foam mattresses are made out of three individual layers, i.e. the base layer, the transition layer and the top layer. The base layer is a robust rebonded foam and the transitional layer is a soft yet firm 40-density foam and the top layer is a memory foam. All the raw materials are then wrapped up in a soft, synthetic foam quilted fabric.



Premium Memory Foam Mattress at Safira


Adding a touch of premium-ness to our soft and luxurious memory foam mattresses to give them a more plush and valuable feeling, we present to you our premium memory foam mattress. Our premium memory foam mattress online in Hyderabad is a work of art and craftsmanship. All our premium mattresses are made by hand using the highest grade and densities of the materials. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best hand-crafted premium mattresses that will help you sleep like a baby. We use a high GSM cotton-infused breathable fabric that is soft to the touch and allows hot air to pass through hence keeping your mattress cool in hot and humid climates. Buy our premium memory foam mattress today and improve your sleep health tenfold! So why wait? Order a memory foam mattress online!


Why Buy Memory Foam Mattress From Us?

The memory foam mattress in Hyderabad by SAFIRA is the only mattress provider that listens to what you want in your mattress. We are the only one in the country who builds a mattress according to our customer’s preferences so that they get full satisfaction. We are completely transparent on how and what goes into making your future mattress, thus ensuring you peace of mind about your future mattress is of great quality and will easily last 12 years. So, what are we waiting for? Order your fully custom memory foam mattress online in Hyderabad, today!


Truly Customise Your Memory Foam Mattress Just The Way You Like It

Buying a fully customisable memory foam mattress online in Hyderabad has a lot of added advantages that seem not important at first, but are key in achieving a perfect good night’s sleep. Only at SAFIRA Mattresses, you can get yourself a mattress that is made 100% for you and you alone. The level of personalization at SAFIRA offers layer-by-layer configuration freedom so you can pick and choose the right materials to suit your health needs. This model also allows you to build your future mattress when you are on a budget, making the custom mattress service both economically and ergonomically efficient.

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