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Best Pillows In Hyderabad

The Cozy Memory Foam Pillow

  • Soft

  • Body Hugging

  • Made with Cooling Crystal Infused Memory Foam

  • High GSM outer fabric

  • Outer Fabric feels soft and plush

A Comfy Foot Rest

  • Made for your feet

  • Usage includes, while sleeping and resting on a high chair

  • High GSM outer quilted Fabric for extra comfort

  • Cotton infused breathable fabric keeps the foot rest cool

The Supportive Foam Pillow

  • A sturdy support to your neck

  • A Medium firm pillow for those who like a bit of support to their neck

  • Made with high density PU Foam

  • Soft outer fabric

Firm Bolster Pillow

  • A bolster pillow is always a great addition to any Deevan

  • Made out of high Density Foam

  • Pure Cotton outer Fabric

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The Luxe Fiber Pillow

  • The softest pillow of the lot

  • Fit for someone who likes their pillows extra soft

  • Made with High GSM Recron Fiber

  • Outer fabric feels soft and plush

The Softest Cushion

  • A perfect companion to your sofa and your bed

  • A mini version of the full size fiber pillow

  • Made with High GSM Recron Fiber

  • Soft and plus outer fabric

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A Natural Take on the pillow

  • Made with 100% natural Latex

  • Keeps cool even in hot and humid conditions

  • Provides adequate support to your neck

  • Soft enough to provide supreme comfort

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Explore Pillows at SAFIRA Mattresses


An added requirement of a perfect mattress is a perfect pillow. We have partnered some of the best pillow makers in the industry to come up with a variety of pillows to suit each individual’s needs. We have a wide variety of pillows to choose from including PU foam pillow, Memory foam pillow, latex pillow, synthetic fiber pillow, bolsters pillow and cushions. You can now buy pillow online in Hyderabad from the comfort of your home. A pillow plays a crucial part in our sleep, not only helping us get a good sleep but also helping with spine correction and alignment, if not checked will lead to a disrupted sleep and a pain in the neck, literally. 

The Pu foam pillows online at SAFIRA are made with the exact same PU Foam that is used in the making of our premium mattresses. This makes these pillows at par with the rest of our premium mattress range. The same applies to the Memory Foam Pillow, the pillows online are made with the same cool gel memory foam that we use in our premium memory foam mattresses. A memory foam pillow is a great stress reliever where when instant you lie on it it absorbs all your pains and stress from your neck and shoulders and gives you that instant relief. It will be a great addition to accompany you with our memory foam mattress or just any other mattress for that matter.

The Natural latex pillow is one of our best sellers. People have realized how important it is to cut out synthetic material and lead a healthy/natural lifestyle. You too can buy pillow online in hyderabad, right here on this website. Being an all natural material, Latex has a host of benefits on its own. To name a few, it stays cool, unlike their PU foam counterparts the latex stays much cooler and does not get heated up easily which makes it ideal for use in hot and humid climates.

Other pillows accessories include synthetic fiber cushions that are soft, plush and make perfect additions to give volume to your bed decorations. They are very soft fiber cushions wrapped in a cotton infield fabric that feels silky smooth and when pressed it almost feels like you are resting on clouds. These cushions are hand made by a local community of women that support their families by hand making these cushions. Do the pillow online shopping in Hyderabad, and make a difference by supporting these independent women.

Our Bolster and foot rest pillows are in its league of its own. They are made by the same craftsman who builds our tailor made premium mattresses. They are also made with the same materials that we use in our high quality mattresses. When you do pillow online shopping in hyderabad at SAFIRA Mattresses you know the quality will be top notch.