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Best Orthopedic Bonded Mattress Online

As the name suggest, Orthopedic mattresses are more of a necessity and not a luxury. We at SAFIRA Mattresses have made this mattress keeping that thought in mind. You have come to the right page that will put an end to your search of that perfect Orthopedic Mattresses online in Hyderabad.

Customize your Orthopedic Mattress


Choose Custom Sizes

A great hand made Orthopedic Mattress should not be restricted to standard sizes, rather should be offered in any shape and size. Only at SAFIRA mattresses


Select any Design

Your unique bed frame should not be a reason to buy this handcrafted piece of a product. So that's why we make our mattresses with all the cuts and rounding accordingly.


Build Layer-by-layer

You have the freedom to personalize your Orthopedic Mattress layer-by-layer to better suite your needs both economically and ergonomically.


A firm Orthopedic Mattress to provide you with the best support.


A firm orthopedic mattress is mostly beneficial for people who do not suffer any immediate body pains which are directly affecting their sleep. A firm ortho mattress works significant well for people who usually sleep on their backs. When an individual sleeps on a firm orthopedic mattress, the pressure from the body is taken by the bones making the muscles relax and thus improving blood circulation. The firm orthopedic mattress will also be a great choice for people who sleep on their stomach, bringing in all of the above mentioned properties and features to the sleepers. A firm mattress most importantly helps in keeping your lower back from collapsing making it stringent and aligned to your spines providing even body weight distribution and ultimately helping you maintain a good posture.  


Ortho Mattress


The Ortho Mattresses here at SAFIRA are made to ensure all of the above mentioned features come along and sync in perfect harmony. The best orthopedic mattress in hyderabad can be found only at SAFIRA Mattresses. Our ortho mattresses are made with 100% high density PU foam that is sure to deliver a perfect firmness to softness ratio that is required in this category of mattresses. We use the Industry Standard high density re bonded foam as the base and a 50 density foam on top of it to provide a soft but firm layer to achieve that perfect good night’s sleep. All the material is then wrapped in a hand stitched outer breathable fabric that is foam quilted and plush.

Premium Ortho Mattress



When we say we make the best orthopedic mattress in hyderabad, we mean it. Not only that we have added a touch of premiumness by adding a cotton infused, breathable outer fabric to the orthopedic mattress making it even more soft to touch and even more satisfying to sleep on.


Customize your Orthopedic Mattress in Hyderabad



Customize the orthopedic mattress in hyderabad with our flagship service of “build your mattresses”. A service where you as a customer has the full freedom to pick and choose particular materials that go into building your perfect mattress. You have the freedom to choose layer by layer materials to precisely target any immediate needs such as body pains, mattress firmness or softness & limited to any budget constraints.  

Customizing the orthopedic mattress in hyderabad will have several benefits both ergonomically and economically. Ergonomically you can target the specific type of pains in your body and reduce them with the right type of material. Economically you can save a lot of money on choosing only the materials you need and materials you picked, no more paying for stuff you didn't want in your mattress in the first place.

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