Best Natural Latex Mattress in Hyderabad

Opting for a natural latex mattress in hyderabad is always a smart choice. It benefits you and the environment in ways that are healthy, sustainable and Eco friendly. The benefits of using a natural latex rubber mattress is known throughout the whole wide world. Just to state a few, it helps in even body weight distribution while absorbing all the pressure built up in your body. The buoyant nature of latex mattresses helps provide adequate support in all the right areas helping you achieve that perfect balanced sleep.

Customize your Latex Mattress

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Custom Shapes

We accept and provide any odd shapes requests to your mattress so that its a perfect fit to your bed frame.

Custom Sizes

We understand that standard sizes are not always the perfect fit, we are here to help!


Made by Hand

All our mattresses are hand made, and always will be.

Choose each Layer

Yes, you get to choose the individual layers for your next perfect mattress!

Latex Mattress

Buy Latex Mattresses in Hyderabad, made with the best 100% natural latex, SAFIRA Latex Mattresses are the best latex mattress in India.  Our certified latex mattresses provide an assurance on the quality and standards of the mattress. Natural Latex certified with FSC, the Rainforest, LGA etc. 

Our Latex mattresses are hand built, made to order just the way our customers like it. We use the industry leading DUNLOP latex in our Latex mattresses. All the raw materials are then wrapped up in a foam quilted breathable fabric that is soft and plush to touch. All this means that we offer the best latex mattress in India.

Premium Latex Mattress

The word of our premium latex mattresses online in hyderabad is of reputation, reliability, comfort and sustainability.  Only the best materials of high density and quality latex are used in our premium latex mattresses.  We carefully hand craft the premium mattress to produce a high standard mattress that is comfortable, durable and allergen free.

Sleeping on the premium latex mattress helps with your body pains issues. Addressing critical areas such as neck, shoulders & lower back. The latex mattress online in Hyderabad, is made naturally with more latex concentration of latex to rising agents. Making the mattress hypoallergenic, which means it's free of any allergens.

When you buy a latex mattress in hyderabad, you get the best quality materials, hand built craftsmanship and a mattress quilting fabric that is luxuriously soft and plush.



Custom Latex Mattress


Personalized designs : With our unique “build your mattress” service, you can have any conceivable design in your mattress. With cuts and creases on the corners, a little square cut out at the corner, a circle mattress etc, The possibilities are endless.


Select each Individual layer : Our custom mattress service gives you the freedom to select each layer of your latex mattress. Different layer configurations with different densities of latex foam sheets allows you better flexibility to make a latex mattress that is built for you.

Built by Hand : All our latex and premium latex mattresses are by default built by hand that gives the mattress that extra care and attention. Like the rest of our mattress range, so are our custom mattresses that are 100% made by hand by an experienced artisan.

Build a Hybrid Mattress : For our budget conscious customers, you can build the latex mattress by combining it with different materials such as PU foam and Coir to save on costs. The PU foam and coir will only be used as the base of your mattress and the latex will only be on the top.