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Warranty & Guarantee

Usage and care for our Products

  1. Avoid sitting on the edges for long duration to ensure longer lifetime of the mattress.

  2. To remove spills and spots, clean with a damp cloth . Do not use a detergent. 

  3. Avoid exposure to excessive moisture/ humidity.

  4. Avoid direct contact with all the sharp objects.

  5. Avoid pulling hard on the latex mattress. 



We refer to the contract/agreement dated on the day of purchase regarding delivery of purchased Mattresses on the website dubbed the “Contract” between you and Rajdhani Traders and its Brand SAFIRA the “Supplier”, and to the guarantee to be provided to secure the purchaser’s fulfilment of its warranty obligations under the Contract.

 We guarantee as for our own debt the due fulfilment of the purchaser’s payment obligations in accordance with the Contract.

 Our liability under this guarantee shall be limited to the number of years stated on each individual product on the website. If the product fails to make it to the required standard, we, Rajdhani Traders will take full responsibility to either fix the product or return total amount excluding any transportation charges incurred. This guarantee is valid up to an average of 7 years and a warranty of 10 years and including the transit time of product delivery or such earlier day that the product might be kept with us at the store (For store pickup orders only).


Claims, if any, shall have to undergo the process laid out in the RETURN POLICY that will be processed according to the demanded situation.

We shall confirm that the purchase and the payment linked to it thereon are legally binding upon you. This guarantee shall be governed by and construed in accordance with HYDERABAD JURISDICTION and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the HYDERABAD

The products under the tag “Pocket Friendly Mattresses” generally have a life span of 3 to 5 Years under an average daily usage.


Warranty does not cover the following

  1. Misapplication or accidental/ intentional damage resulting in the failure of the product.

  2. Any alteration in standard size by joining, adding  or removing the foam or the quilt in any fashion whatsoever and replacing it with any other material. If there are any adjustments are to be made please inform us and we will help you get the best experience out of your purchase.

  3. With normal use Foam is likely to develop softness and change in colour. However this is highly unlikely to happen not before 7 years from the date of manufacturing of the foam. Hence these are not considered as defects.

  4. It is normal for a foam mattresses to lose up to 10% of its thickness over the period of usage and is also not considered a defect. 

  5. In scenarios no 3 and no 4 these factors does not cause any malfunction of the product and the mattress should be in good shape till the specified period mentioned on each mattress.

  6. It requires special care and attention to maintain natural latex mattress. Natural latex tends to tear if the mattress is pulled vigorously. So if the signs of pulling the mattress hard prevails then it would be deemed as inappropriate handling and the warranty would be void.

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