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Budget mattress

Best Pocket Friendly Mattresses in Hyderabad

The Pocket Friendly Mattress are easy on your wallet and will provide you with same levels of comfort as the rest of our premium mattresses does.

Mattress that is Easy on your Pocket

  • Made from High Quality High Density Foam as the top layer.

  • The base layer is EPE, which is the mattress industry standard across the country.

  • The outer fabric is hand stitched.

  • The fabric is smooth and soft.

pocket friendly mattress
hand made mattress

Hand Made Mattresses


Industry Standard Materials

custom shape mattress

Custom Shapes & Cuts!

Custom Shape Mattress

Custom Sizes

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Pocket Friendly Mattresses at SAFIRA.


The intent of having a mattress that is just as comfortable and at a price point that appeals to everybody alike is what drove us to build this mattress. The pocket friendly mattresses in Hyderabad are the best amalgamation of top quality materials in the mattress industry with the quality craftsmanship of SAFIRA Mattresses. We pride ourselves in our CSR activities around the city and to the people of Hyderabad. That is what has driven us to build a low cost mattress that serves everyone while providing them comfort that ends up in the best sleep. So, what are we waiting for? Buy pocket friendly mattresses in Hyderabad today and express the best SAFIRA mattresses has to offer. 

The Idea behind a Pocket Friendly Mattress.



The idea is to  provide a mattress that is more in reach to a wider audience, that both appeals and makes sense to the more proportionate chunk of the demographic. The best part of our pocket friendly mattress in Hyderabad is that it is on par with our existing range of high end premium handcrafted mattresses. 

The build of our pocket friendly mattresses includes an industry standard EPE foam as a base layer. The EPE is firm and rigid which provides excellent support for the top layers. The top layer is a soft yet durable 40 Density foam that is soft, bouncy and long lasting. The whole mattress is then wrapped in a synthetic silky fabric that is plush to touch.

The same comfort and reliability as of our other premium mattresses.



If you buy pocket friendly mattress in Hyderabad, you get the same comfort and reliability of the other premium mattress here at SAFIRA.level of comfort as our other mattress range. This means the same level of quality, reliability and durability which in turn means the pocket friendly mattresses are of the same quality and caliber of the rest of our premium mattress and the build of it has not been compromised. We take mattress seriously as a fact we humans spend about a third of our lifetime sleeping, so making that time worthwhile a good mattress is a necessity. The pocket friendly mattresses are a perfect choice for people who are on a budget but want to get the most out of their hard earned money. Order you pocket friendly mattress online today!

Customize your Pocket Friendly Mattress.

With the flagship service of “Build your own Mattress” only at SAFIRA Mattresses, you too can customise and personalise your next pocket friendly mattress online. You have your mattress just the way you like it. You can order  custom shape, size and thickness. With the amount of flexibility and freedom we provide you over your mattress, you can further customise your mattress layer-by-layer. Yes, Layer-by-layer. Choose individual layers of your next pocket friendly mattress online only at SAFIRA.

So, what are we waiting for? Order a fully customised pocket friendly mattress online at SAFIRA today and reap the benefits of a mattress that is exclusively made for you and you alone.

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