A mattress built keeping in mind the budget requirements of our customers. The Pocket-friendly mattress delivers the same benefits as our other premium mattresses. Benefits such as even bodyweight distribution and relieving pressure points. 


The Pocket-friendly mattresses are made using our layer by layer arrangement that provides optimal support for your body. The pocket-friendly mattress uses Expanded polyethylene which provides a sturdy base while weighing almost half of the traditional Polyurethane Foam. The Expanded polyethylene is an industry-standard and almost every mattress company uses it. 


The top layers are 100% pure virgin PU foam that provides support, facilitates even bodyweight distribution while relieving pressure from pressure points.


The mattress cover is soft, plush and breathable. The mattress covers add to both aesthetics and features of this mattress.

Pocket Friendly Mattress

PriceFrom ₹2,250.00

Sizes Displayed are in "Inches". The following is a guide to convert from Inches to Feet and CM

I Feet = 12 Inches

1 Centimeter = 0.39 Inches

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