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Safira mattress was created with a single goal of providing people of India, premium mattresses at non-premium prices. Safira in European languages means sapphire, a precious stone symbolizing premium feel and prestige. 

Our founder’s family has been into this business ever since foam mattresses were introduced in the country. It is now that the young generation of the family has made the business accessible online for the evolving world we live in; Having abundant knowledge about materials, measurements, and expertise in crafting mattresses that are loved by customers across Hyderabad and other parts of India. 

Considering the increasing trends of e-commerce and customers shifting their focus towards online shopping, it perhaps has been a task to shift the entire business model on the world wide web. The hard work that has paid off is what we call Safira. Another thing that bothered us the most was the increase of fraudulence by retailers in this industry. We had to make sure that we create a platform which is transparent, safe, and secure with the customers’ confidential information.

Creating a balance between consumers and manufacturers has always been a priority. That is why we had to re-invent the industry by providing 100 percent hand-made premium mattresses that are light on pocket but heavy in quality.

Achieving this required a tonne of research, homework, lot of reading which involved scientific documents, journals, articles, and websites. Lots of trial and error, handsome mistakes and most importantly; sleeping on a bunch of amazing mattresses (everyone loved this BTW), went into creating a transparent, honest and customer driven mattress making company we call Safira.

About Us


Our Products

End your search for good-night's sleep, on a Safira mattress.

On our website, you can either choose from the wide variety of ready-made mattresses from our inventory or personalize your mattress.


Design it yourself, how you wish your mattress to be, what material would you like to be used, how much you want your mattress to be priced at, is all in your hands at Safira Mattresses. 

Apart from premium mattresses, we have a range of pillows made using specific materials dedicated to solving specific needs. 

We also specialise in sofa-beds made of foam entirely, beds for your pets, Spring mattresses, Memory foam pillows, bolsters, couch cushions, rebonded foam, and other products.

Grey Bed with Quilt

The basic ideology behind Safira is that there is no way that a good quality mattress should cost as much as the current marketplace has conventionally and conveniently priced. After a considerable amount of research & development and observing how consumers react to the unbelievable price hikes by the market, we have made a platform where the customer gets to choose the quality and quantity of every material that goes into making their mattress. 

With over 5 decades of experience in the industry, a team of expert craftsmen, and an abundance of a-grade raw material, we assure you that the products at Safira are 

  • Made from genuine, high quality foam that lasts longer than conventional mattresses in the market.

  • Made of appropriate density that adopts the body shape for lasting body comfort.

  • Low priced by up to 50 percent* when compared to the mattresses available in the market.

Our Ideology

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