SAFIRA was created with a single goal in mind to provide the people of India premium mattresses at not so premium prices. SAFIRA in many European languages means Sapphire, a precious stone symbolizing the premium feel of both the stone and the mattress.

The Founder’s family have been actively engaged in trading high-quality pure foam since the existence of the foam itself. The signs from heavens were imminent. The signs being, abundant knowledge of the materials in the industry, knowledge of the fraud in the mattress industry, trends increasingly shifting towards online shopping.

Striking a balance between the consumer and the manufacturer has always been on our agenda. That’s the reason we have to disrupt the premium mattress game by providing relatively inexpensive luxury 100% hand made mattress. 

The above mentioned could only be made possible by doing our research homework, like reading lots of scientific journal articles and stuff. Lots of trial and error, mostly sleeping on a bunch of awesome mattresses (everyone loved this part BTW)
The signs and a lot of hard work went in the creation of a transparent, honest to the material mattress making company we call SAFIRA.


The ideology behind SAFIRA is that there is no way that a good quality mattress should cost as much as what the current marketplace has conventionally and conveniently charging the public. After a considerable amount of R&D and observing how the public reacts to the obscene prices, we figured that making a high-quality mattress that will be easy on your pocket while providing you the maximum comfort.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, a team of brilliant craftsman, you can rest assured that the products purchased online are of

  • Made from Genuine, high-quality foam that lasts a long time

  • Appropriate density that adopts to your body shape for lasting comfort

  • Cost efficient by up to 50% when compared to the “well established” Brands in the market

Our Products

Your journey of finding that perfect night’s sleep ends here

On this website you can buy from one of the pre-configured mattresses or you can order a custom mattress by personalising to your chosen SIZE, MATERIAL, and SHAPE.


We’ve got pillows of different size and materials catering to different needs.

Apart from Beds and Pillows, we also make sofa+Beds which are made entirely out of foam, hence making it lighter and easier to move about.


We undertake special orders regarding beds for your beloved pets. Since every pet is unique, we do not have a pre-configured bed to showcase, you must place an order here.

Spring Mattress are increasingly becoming mainstream into the Indian household. Due to its high costs it remains a Luxury item. Now we are working hard to help bring Spring Mattresses into the reach of the public.

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We are open for business, but we are taking proactive measures to create a safe environment at our facility and ensure both our customer's and staff's health.

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