Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress


A memory foam mattress that is guaranteed to make all your hard day’s work stress go out in a jiffy. A memory foam mattress that is sure to relieve the stress in your shoulders, neck and back from the moment you lie on top of it. Our memory foam is equipped with “Open-cell Architecture” which allows the air to flow freely and keep the mattress cool.

The base layer of this memory foam mattress is high-density HR foam. The high density of this foam provides sturdy yet malleable support allowing the foam to contour itself around your body. This effect helps you relax and fall into a deep slumber.


The memory foam mattress is covered in a lush, soft quilted fabric that encases the entire mattress. This feature makes it reversible. Yes, you can reverse this mattress upside down and use any side as per your liking.

  • specifications

    Sizes Displayed are in "Inches". The following is a guide to convert from Inches to Feet and CM

    I Feet = 12 Inches

    1 Centimeter = 0.39 Inches

  • Shipping

    Standard delivery time will be within 3 to 5 business days.

  • Warranty, Guarantee & Return Policy

    The Mattresses comes with an industry leading 5 years Guaranty & 10 years warranty.

    The read the return policy on our products please visit the link.

  • Inspiration

    In a world where the youth have to work in front of a computer all day, sitting at their desk. This routine tends to take its toll both mentally and physically. People have realized that the solution to the growing stress, both physical and mental is only one, and that is a good good night's sleep. Science tells us a similar story, where a good quality sleep could lower our daily physical and mental stresses every night so that you will be ready next morning to tackle the day.

  • Build your own Mattress

    The rise of personalisation of products has been in par with addressing the issues of mental and physical stresses. Our customers are seeking bespoke options to cater to their sleep needs. Due to a rise in the awareness of the benefits of good sleep has contributed to customers seeking personalised mattresses. We at Safira Mattresses are glad to provide a truly custom layer-by-layer mattress to cater your needs just that way you like it.

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