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Orthopedic Mattress; the best solution for Back Pain

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The lifestyle of a modern person does not contribute to the improvement of the body, and almost everyone has back problems. The easiest way to prevent back pain is to rest: sometimes it is enough to sleep, and the problem disappears by itself. It is the main reason for the invasion of orthopedic mattresses. So go for Orthopedic Mattress. Buy orthopedic mattresses in Hyderabad. They help the muscles to relax, and the body takes a natural position during sleep.

Orthopedic mattress
Orthopedic mattress

There are many options for mattresses on the market. Varieties depend on the materials used, design, size, and rigidity. Many years ago, people believed that sleeping on a hard surface is very useful. Today, doctors call this nothing more than a misconception and advise making a choice based on the individual characteristics of each person.

  • The rigidity of the mattress should be selected based on:

  • personal preferences;

  • your weight class;

  • a posture in which you like to sleep

  • problem spine, in which pain is felt

An orthopedic mattress acquires its unique qualities only when interacting with the human body. Therefore, not only comfort during sleep but also your health will depend on the correctness of the choice made. The stiffness of the mattress should correspond to your weight, and sleeping on it should be comfortable. If you like to sleep on your side, choose a soft mattress. If on the back then medium in hardness is better. For lovers of sleeping on the stomach, a hard mattress is best suited.

Tips for choosing a mattress

Age is perhaps the most significant factor. The older the person, the softer the bed should be. In the elderly, the bones become more fragile, and the joints undergo natural age-related changes. The pressure that a hard mattress creates can only harm and aggravate the pain.

For the sleep of a mature man or woman to be comfortable and deep, and the rest is full, it is worth choosing medium and soft mattresses with a high degree of elasticity. Memory foam will do. The cover's material is also important: it should be natural, hypoallergenic, and pleasant to the body. Keep the product clean and for long-term use, buy a mattress pad.

The weight of the "user" also matters. Each mattress has a maximum permissible load - do not ignore this parameter. It is worth choosing "with a margin": if a person weighing up to 110 kg can sleep here, and you weigh 105-108, pay attention to models with an increased load - up to 120-130 kg.

Keep in mind! That the same mattress will be perceived differently for two people with different body weights. So that you can go for a customized orthopedic mattress in Hyderabad also. A medium-hardness model for a man weighing 60 kg will seem very hard a man weighing 100 kg - rather soft. If you are overweight, give preference to options of a medium or high degree of rigidity, so that the body receives support in a dream and the bed serves as long as possible.

The number of people who sleep on a mattress. Double models should "take into account" the peculiarities of the anatomy of each of the spouses. If the difference in the weight of partners is less than twenty-five kilograms, choose the option, focusing on the maximum weight - for example, if the husband weighs 90 kg, and the wife 76, a medium hardness mattress with a maximum load of up to 100 kg per bed will do. If the difference in body weight exceeds 25 kg, be sure to pay attention to products with independent spring blocks and combined stiffness. The comfort of both partners is an important condition for healthy and restful sleep.

How and when to choose a mattress for a sore back?

The best time to choose is in the evening when you feel tired, discomfort in the back begins to bother you. If you buy a mattress online, be sure to have enough time for a test or the opportunity to exchange: even the best orthopedic models may not be right for you. You can also build an orthopedic mattress in Hyderabad. Feel if you can relax. Turn from one side to the other, and sit on your back or stomach. Check if it does not bend under you and whether it is comfortable for the neck, shoulders, back, lower back, and hips. A properly selected mattress should support all parts of the body.

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