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Best online mattress in Hyderabad

Sleeping Like a Baby

Shop for the perfect Mattress. Fully Luxurious, fully customizable and 100% personalisable. Made for you, by you!

At our online shop, we have a plethora of various different mattresses at your convenience to purchase. We have our in-house fully 100% customisable premium mattress range and we also have other well-known brands from the industry like Kurl on and more in the pipeline like Duroflex and Dreamwell. We strive to provide our customers with the best and the best while making sure the customer is well taken care of, in terms of customer service, delivery and any customisations to the mattress.

We also strive to be the makers of the best mattress in Hyderabad. This very idea has chated our endeavour to provide esteemed clientele with something premium, a little pampering to the sleep, sleep which people spend about a third of their lives. 

Buying mattress online in Hyderabad is becoming the norm of today's youth and even the elderly. In keeping up with the times and still holding on to traditional values, we aspire to strike a balance between the best of both worlds.

Please feel free to take a look around our online shop and our inventory. Who knows you might even end up with the best mattress in Hyderabad. Purchased at Safira Mattresses.

Read on below to know in brief our range of mattresses and pillows on offer.

 Foam Mattresses at Safira 

Foam Mattresses include all mattresses that are predominately made of Polyurethane foam or PU foam. The mattresses include the foam mattress, memory foam mattresses and ortho mattresses. 

These mattresses are comprised of three distinct layers. Namely the base layer, the transition; layer and the top layer. The base layer in most cases is the high-density rebonded foam that has ortho-medicated property and help with giving support to your back and lower back. Then it is topped with a transitional layer that is of 32, 40 or 50 density based on the required firmness or softness of the mattress. The top layer is almost certainly a soft layer that provides comfort and a plush and soft feel when you sit on an expensive mattress.

In any foam mattress insides is what mattress. The above recipe is what makes our awesome customers buy foam mattress online from us. And they know it's the best foam mattress online.



Premium Natural Latex Mattress at Safira


Latex mattresses at Safira are a big hit. Know why? Cause its all-natural, has cooling properties that PU foam can only dream about, is environmentally conscious and is to an extent biodegradable. It also keeps the termites away, its bouncy springs and promotes good airflow to further regulate the mattress temperature. If I keep writing about the pros of a latex mattress here, ill need to start another blog. Seriously, it's a hit with our customers because of the great feature and the best price we offer for the best natural latex mattress online in Hyderabad. Buy latex mattress in Hyderabad toady to experience the benefits of latex mattress!


Why Buy  Mattress From Us?

The  mattress in Hyderabad by SAFIRA is the only mattress provider that listens to what you want in your mattress. We are the only one in the country who builds a mattress according to our customer’s preferences so that they get full satisfaction. We are completely transparent on how and what goes into making your future mattress, thus ensuring you peace of mind about your future mattress is of great quality and will easily last 12 years. So, what are we waiting for? Order your fully custom mattress online in Hyderabad, today!


Truly Customise Your Memory Foam Mattress Just The Way You Like It

Buying a fully customisable mattress online in Hyderabad has a lot of added advantages that seem not important at first, but are key in achieving a perfect good night’s sleep. Only at SAFIRA Mattresses, you can get yourself a mattress that is made 100% for you and you alone. The level of personalization at SAFIRA offers layer-by-layer configuration freedom so you can pick and choose the right materials to suit your health needs. This model also allows you to build your future mattress when you are on a budget, making the custom mattress service both economically and ergonomically efficient.

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