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Memory Foam Mattresses and The Many Misconceptions

The very soft foam mattresses were first designed in the 1960s to be used for NASA’s airplane seats. But over years and decades, these mattresses became a common household item. Researchers say that there are several benefits of a foam mattress – it enhances your sleep and relieves painful pressure points among other pros. But there have also been several myths in the market regarding memory foam mattresses, which make customers reluctant to opt for it. Some say these mattresses do not have much longevity; others say these give out a bad smell. In this story, here we take a look at four such myths associated with memory foam mattresses and why you don’t need to believe them.

Memory foam mattresses are not durable

Among several myths, the primary one is that foam mattresses are not durable and loses its density. Memory foam, in contrast, is a very durable material if you make the right choice. The foam should have a high enough density. Those who come which longer warranties should be preferred. Made of polyurethane, these mattresses increase the comfort level for its users. Memory foam mattress Hyderabad is among those that have longer durability.

Memory foam mattresses are not pocket friendly

This, again, is only a myth. These mattresses come in a variety of options to suit the pocket of every buyer. If you choose to buy them online, you may as well enjoy some exciting offers and discounts, especially during festive seasons. Memory foam mattress comes in many options like green tea memory foam and aloe vera memory foam, so you can always buy as per your budget.

Memory foam gives out a bad smell

Myth has made some people believe that memory foam is toxic and spoils your sleeping environment. It is also believed that these mattresses smell bad. But for a fact, the smell, which is similar to that of oil paint, doesn’t last longer than two to three days of being used. It fades away soon after unboxing. And little to no customers has complained of any health-related issues from sleeping on a memory foam mattress. In fact, a foam mattress is generally better able to absorb the body movement compared to mattresses made of other materials. Those with back pain benefit a lot from memory foam mattresses because they support the natural curvature of the spine and keep the spine aligned.

Memory foam mattress makes you sweat

Memory foam uses your heat and body pressure to make your exact body shape on the mattress. Your body heat softens the mattress, and that doesn’t make you sweat. The mattress is cold in summers and hot in winters because the foam regulates body temperature. No customers have complained of sweating by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

So now if you want to confirm that these myths about memory foam mattresses are nothing but only myths, buy one for yourself to be the best judge.

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