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Tips To Keep Your Mattress Clean

Accidents do not happen by alerting us beforehand. Coffee or tea may spill, a child may puke or pee on the bed; you may sweat profusely whether due to fever or heat through your sheets. These things just happen and are unavoidable. However, you can definitely prevent an accident from ruining your mattress. A mattress cover of a good quality surely helps protect the mattress from any kind of damage. However, what if your mattress cover is in the laundry or worn out? How do you clean your mattress then? We provide you with a few mattress-cleaning tips.

Keep a good-quality mattress cover at all times: The best way to protect your mattress is by shielding it with a top-quality mattress cover at all times. This not only keeps it clean and stain-free but also protects it from accidents. It is not easy to wash a mattress. However, it is easy to remove a mattress cover, wash, dry, and put it on the mattress quickly. The mattress materials weaken and deteriorate when exposed to moisture or a liquid leakage and become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. So, ensure that your mattress is covered with a mattress cover. Keep at least two such mattress covers handy so that you can use the other one if one is out for a wash.

Vacuum your mattress regularly- Even if your mattress has not encountered any spillage or damage, it does get dirty with the passage of time. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner every 3- 4 months. Every time you change covers, clean them with a vacuum.

First, take out your sheets and mattress protector. Ensure that your handheld vacuum cleaner is clean and run it through the complete memory foam mattress and foundation. Give pressure to the equipment, pulling out the dirt and dust from the fibres of the fabric. If your pillow top is quilted and has seams, use the crevice tool on your vacuum.

Spot treat stains: If the mattress stains are fresh, first blot the spill with a clean, dry towel. Try to suck excess moisture from the mattress material, and then focus on stain removal. An easy Do-it-yourself stain removal method is by making a mixture of equal quantities of water and white vinegar. Spray this mixture on the stain. Let it stand for 10-12 minutes, and then blot with a clean, dry towel. Follow our next trip to dry your mattress.

Remove moisture and odour with a baking soda layer: Put a layer of baking soda over your mattress. Let it remain for 30 to 60 minutes, and then vacuum it up. If it is a liquid spill that you have to soak, you can let the baking soda stand for more than 60 minutes, and then use your vacuum.

We hope the above tips will help keep your memory foam mattress Hyderabad clean. You can buy the mattress cover matching with the colour scheme of your home interior designs to enhance the overall beauty of your room.

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